New, unique device for bird lovers

Introducing a novel, new way of placing a bird feeder or nesting box in a position that required risky or tricky maneuvering in the past. EleFeederTM is a unique elevating device for any bird-watching or bird-feeding enthusiast.

Elevates bird feeders, bird houses, nesting boxes & more

It will elevate any kind of feeder, bird house or nesting box. Installing in a previously inaccessible or difficult position is no longer a problem.

Enjoy seeing birds up-close, up-high

It’s enjoyable to see birds land right outside your second story or higher window, without having to lean outside a window yourself to place a feeder on a hook, thereby keeping yourself out of harm’s way, NOT to mention avoiding dropping birdseed or humming-bird nectar from a loaded feeder, if it’s carried through your home.

Thwarts squirrels, cats, bears, raccoons

Originally designed and fabricated to put a feeder out of the reach of bears and raccoons, it soon became obvious that squirrels would not jump onto the feeder from an upper roof because they apparently judged the height as being too life-threatening should they fall. Our test location was 20 feet off the ground.

It also helps to keep bird houses and feeders out of the reach of cats and allows the birds to nest and feed at a safer altitude. 

Various heights

Our BirdeeCaneTM tubular conduit with patent-pending, internal lanyard is simple, yet effective. Attaining greater heights is possible by adding more tubing and then “snaking” longer cording through the lengthened BirdeeCaneTM. The only restriction is the length of the ladder and the nerve of the installer. We, of course, cannot accept responsibility for the safety of any individual doing this work and would expect anyone doing so to totally accept any resulting negative consequences upon his or her own person.

Operates anywhere

You can operate EleFeederTM from ground level, from a raised deck, a post or a tree...your imagination is the limit.

Safe, easy-to-use

It’s safe and comfortable to operate and not to have to climb on a ladder or a step-stool, thereby avoiding injury from falling, especially for our elderly or anyone who has height issues.

Use with or without winch

The most innovative of the features available within the EleFeederTM System is the patent-pending, hand-cranked (winch), self-braking mechanism which eliminates the need to tie off to the cleat. This device provides a great mechanical advantage as there is noticeable “drag” as one pulls down on the approximate five pounds of feeder and seed as it’s being raised to it’s viewing position.

EleFeederTM is available in two renditions. The simplest and least costly is the primary portion called the BirdeeCaneTM. It has a cord running through the hooked, hollow tube that ties off to a simple sailor’s cleat once the feeder is raised into position at the curved end of the tube. This leaves a certain amount of the cord exposed at the bottom where it’s tied off and thus vulnerable to insects, birds and other animal’s “nest-gathering” habits.

The enclosed tube device, BirdeeCaneTM, coupled with the winch, is called the ElefeederTM System.  It provides a totally protected pathway for the take-up cord which eliminates the potential for cutting or fraying to escape insects, birds or other creature’s curiosity and sharp little beaks or teeth.  Alternative methods of protecting the exposed lanyard have also been developed and can exist without the winch.

Available for licensing

If you, or your company, are interested in negotiating exclusive rights toward cultivating this product for future manufacture and distribution, please call us at (719) 687-1849 or contact Rita Crompton, agent, Rita@InventorLady.com (303)910-8889.

Other applications for the winch are feasible and far-reaching. There are no existing injection molds for the hand-cranked or electric winch options. The Elefeeder System is patent pending.

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EleFeederTM and BirdeeCaneTM are the intellectual property of Quality Design, LLC.